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The next Success Story could be yours. They are known as the circle of champions. Juan Reyes and Monica Reyes. They decided to create a Solid Base through the Is the success of your children dependent on you? If you decide that you are going to have something, do it because your word should be GOLD. Do not smoke do not use drugs respect your heartaches by your parents Being nice and honest. Remember that in life we only have one leader who died and was born more than 2000 years ago. And only to him I thank him. Never say first, thank you Mr. Juan Reyes. Better say first thanks "SENOR" for he to Juan Reyes. I have had my own challenges that I have really learned to be able to help others in turn to help myself. I am taking responsibility for the great year that I am about to have. Join me on the same trip. God bless you!! You do not deserve anything more than the best. Juan Reyes.


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